Which OS to install?

I have a new gaming PC I built over Christmas and I would like to know:

Is it worth it to get Windows 8 for the OS, or should I just stick with Windows 7?

I don't really mind the aesthetics of 8; I would just like to know if 7 is going to hold me back in future games and just general computing.

P.S. I'm considering doing a dual boot with a Linux OS, so if one windows OS works better in a dual boot config, that's worth knowing.


I think it would be worth your time to try Linux straight up, without any Windows dual boot. It is much more secure and powerful than Windows, depending on whether or not you're willing to learn how to do some actual computing.

If you have to pick your poison, though, get Winderp 8. It's just faster than Winderp 7.

Thanks, that's what I needed to know. and by the way, which Linux would you recommend: Debian or Ubuntu

Depends if you have money to blow you won't see a massive increase in gaming performance seems like if anything you get less "dips" in fps on win8 over 7.  Dual booting Linux will be the same experience on either os.  Windows 8 does have slightly better boot times and stuff but if you were going to pay retail price for a copy of 8 I wouldn't go for it.  If you managed to get a key when they were offering it for $40 or whatever it was I would say go for it.  But you really aren't going to be blown away by performance.

I wouldn't recommend either Debian or Ubuntu - reasons being, Ubuntu is a spyware-filled, overstuffed distro, and Debian is more of a server distro.

I'd look into two distros for a beginner: Fedora and Manjaro. Both are fairly bleeding edge when it comes to updates and software, both are very lightweight (arguably with stock Gnome3 on Fedora, but that's easy to remove), and don't include near the level of crap that comes stock with Ubuntu. Fedora is the testing distro for RHEL, so it gets all kings of nifty features coming through its repos, and Manjaro is based on Arch, so you have access to the awe inspiring AUR, probably the most complete and bleeding edge community-driven repo out there.

I love Arch Linux, but I don't think it is meant for new users, unless you really want to jump into Linux.

If it's a gaming PC then go for whichever version of Windows you have access to. You'll have far fewer headaches gaming on Windows than you would on Linux.