Which Operating System?

I was wondering what everyone thinks the best os for a new build would be. Windows 8 or windows 7 are obviously my options but I was wondering if there are any core components that would make win8 a better choice than win7. If I got win8 I would use start is back to avoid the hassle of charms and the blocky menu thing.

Windows 8 is simply a better OS; it's faster, more secure, and more optimized for modern hardware, like SSDs.

It is worth considering a switch to Linux, as well. You won't regret it.

windows 8 because $30 (more like $50 in the end, but still a great price considering) link

also the tool (forget the name) that lets you setup raid-esqe volumes is pretty awesome, i believe it has better multi-monitor support (i can't see it coming close to the average linux distro though)

There is a bit of red tape with the $30 windows 8 price. You are going to need to do mail in rebates. If you are OK with that... then it's a low price. I prefer Windows 8 pro. http://amzn.to/10aJG0w

Then... do this:


I don't even know what a mail in rebate is, I saw one when I purchased my Seasonic m12 II 750w but I didn't bother looking into it.

Btw I saw that video when you uploaded it a while back, you got a fan here lol.

basically you pay full price, then when you get the product, you fill out a form, cut out barcodes, mail it back to them, then they send you a prepaid card with the money on it

i ordered it and the company that does the rebate gives you the option of send you money in 3 months, or giving them a 10% cut

i said 30, but 50 in the end becuase 30 + 15 (10% cut to get the money in a reasonable ammount of time) + 5 (the total deffence secureity (absolutly horrible, dont use it, it's pretty much a virus) makes you activate the software for the rebate (i didn't have to install the software, just used their website) and that requires a creditcard, but i don't trust them not to take every cent i have and they will keep auto charging you, so i bought a $20 prepaid visa(vannilavisa lets you use their cards online, i don't know about others) that had a $5 activation fee (they don't take any money off))

Yeah pickup windows 8 Pro X64 and buy Start is back, and chill ☺