Which One?

I'll be buying a new HDD soon. Just wondering which one i should get.
WD 500 GB Cav. Black 32MB HDD for 75.99
WD 640 GB Cav. Blue 16MB HDD for 71.99
Which one is more worth it?

i'm not sure what the performance increase with a larger bugger is but if it were me i'd be buying the 640 the space is worth it to me


the difference is 140gb
but you sacrifice some cashe
i bet the difference is not so huge I would go with the 640gb

Maybe you should get the better of both worlds THIS ONE

I would go with a SeaGate 1TB drive. Pricewatch shows you can get them for $85.00 USD

spend a little more, but you double the capacity and these ones have 32MB Buffers.

I would never buy Seagate. They break in like a year. Also I live in Canada, and my budget only allows for under 80 CAD

I have seen a lot af drives over the years, and I have had a lot of bad drives

Depending on the version of whatever HDD you get doesn't matter the brand. they will all eventually die.
There is a WD 1TB but it is 10 bucks more than the Seagate, there is also the Samsung which is about 5 more.Â

I think if you hold off and budget the extra cash for the 1TB drive, you will thank yourself in the long run.

But if you are limited to one of those two drives.. I would take the 500GB, it is the better drive.

I heard black was a bad series, however i've put blue in 3 different client builds and haven't had complaints yet..

I can tell you with almost complete confidence that the cache will have no noticeable effect on anything you do, including game play. Only drive speed and size are relevant factors when you're dealing with caches as large as you have in modern drives. So, I'd definitely go with the 640 GB drive.

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