Which one should I go with

Amd option: http://pcpartpicker.com/user/jcat187/saved/1HVZ

Intel option: http://pcpartpicker.com/user/jcat187/saved/1HVZ

Is haswell worth the extra $50, or should i just stick with AMD?  By the way, this will be a futureproof 3d cad/gaming pc.


Intel: http://pcpartpicker.com/user/jcat187/saved/1ytR

Neither have a GPU or hard drive.


No GPU? Eh. Well, If you're going to use the built-in graphics, don't buy either of them. It'd be a waste to buy a good CPU with no good GPU.

I already have everything else


Ok. Mind specifying what GPU and HDD you have?

gpu: nvidia 550 ti (dated but I plan on eventualy geting a 770 or snaging a 580 off ebay)

HDD: seagate 2tb

The haswell, It's newer and faster.

i would go with the AMD, but on a diffrent motherboard, Asus Sabertooth Gen 3. pci-e 3.0.

Haswell i5-4670K faster then the AMD FX8350 hmm you could be wrong there.Thats realy depending on what you gonne do with it. ☺

Per core, Haswell is more powerful. Considering that AMD is currently in the two big console platforms, it stands to reason that optimizations will trend towards the AMD camp in the upcoming years. So it's still a bit of a wiating game.

Also, I have given you the benefit of the doubt before since English isn't your native tongue, but the Board is the Asus Sabertooth. One b.


That is a good point but my consern is with optimization with cad software.   On my current AMD system, Autodesk will not run while it will on my intel based system.  (Perhaps is is just a coincidence)  I am also conserned with AMD's AMD3+ socket, which is long overdue for an update verses Intels new LGA1150.

Okay wenn you  using autocad (i over readed that i´m sorry) then its a diffrent story. Then go with intel realy, an i7 would be a better goal if you can afford that.

AMD is a great cpu for gaming and streaming, but Hasswell or ivy bridge per core performance is better. But beside´s that, Autodesk software just run's better on Intel.

Ah Thanks i didn´t notice, i edited it to ONE B!

I thought it over for a bit. Autocad works decently on my laptop, so would AMD vs Intel be much of a consern?  I also looked at the Sabertooth, $180 seems a bit over the top.  I want to overclock but I have no need for sli. What would it have that the GIGABYTE GA-990FXA-UD3 AM3+ AMD 990FX does not?

well asus sabertooth 990FX r2.0 or sabertooth 990fx gen3 are just overal better boards, especialy wenn you temp to overclock,the vrms´s on asus boards are much better quality.

the Gigabyte GA-990FXA-ud3 is not a great board at all, wenn you temp to overclock a FX8350 i read manny complainings about this board, issues with overheating vrm´s and northbridge chip, not able to keep overclocks stable, because voltage throtteling, and the bios is also not great, especialy the oc feutures. If you look for a good OC mobo for a reasonable price  then  the Asus M5A99FX pro R2.0 this board has only a 6+2 powerphase, but a very high quality digi vrm, Logan used this board, in his videos FX8350 OC vs i5-3570K, oced FX8350 to 4.8GHZ without any problems..just click on auto

But okay as i said before, you better go for intel, because autodesk autocad just runs better on intel. as far as my knowledge goes.

i made this: http://pcpartpicker.com/p/17Hee
i changed the mushkin ram also to G-skill Ares 2x8GB 1866mhz ram, because  those mushkins look a bit highprofile to me, so you can run into issues with that cpu cooler, because the fan can get realy close to the ram slots. Those lower ram, will fit underneeth the fan, so you won´t ever have issues with that. Further i put in a Asus Maximus VI Hero board, i know its not cheap, but this board would please you very well, its a standard overclockers board from the rog series, specialy for gamers.

I don't know if an i7 fits your budget, that would be a better goal, for autocat, but with an i5 you would also be fine.

Grtz Angel ☺

Cool, since Solidworks and Autodesk comes before gaming, I'm going to go with this: http://pcpartpicker.com/user/jcat187/saved/1NzP

Great choice i would say go for it, i also looked at those G-skill ripjaws Z because they where 2133 mhz, but wenn i looked at it they  where more expensive, haha

grtz Angel ☺