Which one should i buy?




i know the open box doesn't come with anything but what would you guys do?

buying open box products is just asking for trouble.

that is very true, does the open box come with any warranty?

plus you have to buy all thoes cables

and u are bound to forget one and get pissedd of that u cant use ur sytem because u forget to buy a cable

i got plenty of cables. all i really need are sata cables and i have plenty of those. does the motherboard come with an I/O shield or is it just the absolute bare minimum? it doesn't come with any warranty i dont think but it has a 30 day return policy.

No you don't get a warranty with open box..well I didn't with my Hp computer I bought two years ago.

THe hard drive failed, then I replaced that, then the ram that it came with failed..replaced that too then the whole entire motherboard just started getting errors constantly, and for every single one of those instances HP customer support refused to do anything.

Thats because HP are A-holes. Same with certain Dell's


meh idk it doesn't seem worth all the trouble BUT $125 is a lot of savings. i love asus boards so i wouldn't really want to go with anything else. hmmmmm

Well dude it's really up to you.

If you handle stress well then by all means, go for it!

don't go open box. especially if it comes with the daughter card for sound, you'll have to pay the difference for a soundcard anyway.