Which one of these is better

Yes i was wondering why this asus one cost more then this asrock and which one is better for all over features since they seem very alike but the asus cost more please explain to me the difference.





haswell boards >> not really worth buying high end overclocking board, the thermal threshold is so sharp that even midrange boards reach roughly the same overclocks before the molten core of the haswell sets fire to your house.

Id personally go the asrock and spend more money on the gpu (if you are building a new rig).

the reason why the sabertooth is more expensive, is probably because it has overall a better power design, cheap well feutured boards are most of the time cheap because they cheap out on the power dillivery components.

But in my opinion that sabertooth is way over priced.

I would recommend the Msi Z87 Mpower for $204 bucks it is realy a nice board, good overclock feutures, and also has bleutooth and Wifi onboard.


Grtz Angel ☺