Which one of these GPU's is the better option?

Originally I was going to use this GPU in my upcoming build:


But then I came across these two options for around the same price, but with more VRAM:

Which one is the better option, and is it worth shooting for more VRAM?

Thanks in advance

in this order.

R9-380 > R9-270x > R7-370

The best in that line-up is the R9-380. if you can pick that up definitely do it. it's an awesome card.

So it's a better choice than the others even with 2GB? I mean I don't expect to play everything on ultra settings, I've seen the numbers I know it's a great card.

The other thing to consider is that the R9 285 is the same GPU as the R9 380 except it will be cheaper. Really the only reason to go for the R9 380 over the R9 285 is to get the 4GB version of the R9 380. The R9 285 was only available with 2GB. You can find a budget R9 285 for $154.99 (after $20 MIR).

Yes the R9 380/R9 285 is a better card with 2GB than the smaller/weaker GPU found in the 4GB R9 270X or R7 370.

What about compared to this one?

Yes. even despite the less VRAM. BUT I would recommend you grab a 4GIB R9-380. simply because current games are pushing a lot of memory. 2GIBS may not cut it very soon. so if you can get a 4GIB card i would advise you get it. but to answer your question, yes it outperforms the R7-370 and the R9-270x despite it having 2GIB of VRAM. and is it worth shooting for more VRAM? well for those cards you listed it would only be worth it for the 380.

Also don't bother with the 950. yeah it's new but the R9-380 will throw the GTX 950 under the bus when it comes to performance.

Awesome thanks, I'm gonna try and find the 380 4GB on sale somewhere

Good call, Newegg has a nice Sapphire Nitro R9 380 (4GB) for $209.99 plus a $20 MIR, so final price is $189.99.

^This, would defo go with that sapphire card. Those nitro coolers are nice.

So some more price drops have come up, and a few of them are within the same range as that NITRO, which I'm currently still planning on getting.

But would any of these be a better choice?
GTX 960

ASUS Radeon R9 380

HIS Radeon R9 380

or the Sapphire NITRO just for comparison

I'm guessing the GTX would be a good choice, only because it has a higher clock speed and it's such a popular choice.

Any advice would be great guys you've already helped me so much

one word of advice never go for a 960 with 4GB VRAM it cannot use that much memory its just like the r9 270/x with 4GB i would still go with the sapphire because those cards work well and keep it nice and cool

Okay good to know

Yup, still the sapphire.