Which one look best?

Hi there I live in New Zealand and these are sorta the best ones I can buy right now and would like to know whitch one is the best!

It would be great if you guys could help!! 

Edit: Also I want to use it for gaming

Well you could tell us what you're going to do with the PC. Gaming? Editing?

Gaming sorry

No problem. Number three, with the HD7950 and an eight-core is best for gaming.

Okay thank you

dude dont buy things of trade me im from nz too its much better to build your own seriously these guys wouldnt be selling these systems on here without making a profit so yea you can get cheaper if  you build it yourself and the psus on these machines ussually aren't that great


Where do i buy from?? parts i mean

I'm not sure where you could buy parts from in NZ but it is so much better and cheaper to build your own. You could get better quality parts that would work out cheaper in the long run.