Which one is better?

I am totally new to everything pc as i am comeing across from a xbox. the only thing i am stuc on is the GPU i have no clue which one to buy.

i was thinking:
 Gigabyte AMD Radeon HD 7870
Asus HD 7870 AMD radeon directCU II 
or something else if better. i want to spend about £200.

My CPU is a AMD FX 8350

Can someone please help :)  





7870's are great cards, I'd suggest XFX or Sapphire though, They make the highest quality Radeon cards and XFX has a lifetime warranty.


XFX has dat rad warranty bro, Aseuss be all fine in da house but man, dem XFX juss seem tah be duh better pick in duh Sevendee Ayte Sevendee's, I say go fo da XFX. Fo shizzle.

i had a few gifs to choose from.... I CHOOSE YOU!

well, the warranty part is right. they do have a lifetime LIMITED warranty... in other words, it covers manufacturing defects, but not normal wear and tear or damage caused by the user. same as any other manufacturer, only difference is that it's lifetime.

realistically, any defects should show up in the first year or 2. asus has a 3-year warranty. i've also heard alot about people having problems getting xfx to honor the warranty...


gigabyte doesn't make very good cards... lots of coil whine probs...

asus, sapphire, xfx, and msi all make very good cards