Which one is better: R9 280 or GTX 770

I am currently building a PC and I have ran into a problem. After I have built my PC I wish to buy a Nvidia Shield Tablet and I understand that for the PC streaming I need an Nvidia card. However, I don't wish to cripple my machine because of a tablet! So I'm asking is it worth the move and which one is better? Any help is much appreciated! :D

They are about the same, look at some benchmarks and decide what si best for you.


I have the Msi gaming oc r9 280x



For gaming they are about the same. The Nvidea-branded model has the stock cooler (like the Titan), which is very cool. If you have a Best Buy coupon, they often stock them at a reasonable price.


I would STRONGLY consider waiting though. the new GTX 970 is supposed to retail for $350, and it will be better than a 780 or R9 290.


That said, an R9 280x with a good cooler (XFX, Asus & Gigabyte are my favorites), can be had rather cheaply used these days. Many miners have sold 280x's and 290's for super cheap. Nvidea cards hold their value far better for resale, but that sucks when buying. Check prices for R9 290's on ebay. If you can get one with a good cooler for less than the price of a GTX770, buy it.

if you are buying new, I would wait to either get a GTX 970 or buy the 770 after the price drops with the new release.

I have to agree with Garry, save up 60~70$ more for a Gtx 970 or se if you can get a used r9 290/x on ebay for next to nothing.

If you are set on the 770 or 280 it has to be the 280. In almost all benchmarks it beats the 770 anyway, as standard comes with 3GB as compared to the 770s 2GB and the 280 overclocks nice. 

The Sapphire cards have good coolers on them so that is My recommendation. The MSi cards are nice also I have a MSi 7870, keeps nice and cool.


EDIT: As other have been saying a 290 can be had cheap and while the stocks lasts 770s will come down but they may outright disappear before they are at a price you are happy with.

Definitely my recommendation.

But OP, if you want to able to stream to the shield, then grab a 770 out of the two (you can stream with a 970 though) just because the 770 is still a very powerful card even if it isn't great for the money. Although with the 970 and 980 launch, the 770, 780, and 780 Ti are being discontinued.