Which One for Budget Gaming?

I am planning on building a $680 NZD budget gaming build. I am stuck on what brand, cores, frequencies, hyper threading. I was planning on an intel i3 3220 with an ASUS Radeon HD 7750 or an AMD A10 5800k or an AMD FX 4100 with an ASUS 7750.

Which will i get better gaming peformance out of? 4 cores with a turbo core or 2 cores with ht.

it will be soley used for gaming and web browsing and i want fast quality. occasionally watching movies and the odd homework video edit.

see if you can get the FX-4100 and 7770 for the same price

Okay. But out of the 3 choices what would the best choice for high fps and graphics quality

Depends on what games you play. I'd drop down to a Pentium (either Sandy or Ivy Bridge), and get a 1GB Radeon 7850, or a 7770. I'm not sure how pricing is in NZ, but over here, anything short of 7770 is hard to recommend for gaming because there isn't a whole lot seperating the two in terms of price, but the 7770 performs noticeably better. There are still a lot of games that don't scale to well beyond 2 threads and rely much more on GPU vs CPU.

But of those three, the Core i3 w/ 7750 is the best combo, though a case could be made for the FX if you pursue overclocking. If both are at stock operation, the Core i3 is a betting CPU hands down.

not nessecarily, the FX-4100 is not too far behind the i3 and the 7770/4100 would be the best performing for the money

I personally would say for budgets sake, get the A10 5800k. Get some fast ram. Save the cash on the graphics card, and buy something in a few months when you can afford a 7850 or 7870 (or whatever is similar out then). You wont see many extra frames from a A10 apu to a 7770.

Okay. I will most likely not be overclocking unless I need more peformce about 5 years later when i am more experienced.

Also i quite like the upgrade options for the intel build so i can future upgrade to an i7. Do you have any benchmarks to show the peformance between an fx 4100 and an i3 3220

What about GTX 650 compared to a A10

Anandtech didnt have a 4100. 4300 is a touch better, but here is a bench:


A gtx650 is a bit of a step up. Not a whole ton though. Just look through the benchs here:


Its hard to compare an APU to a GPU, but its going to be slower, but if you save a 100 then say have another 100 in a month a 7870 will suit your needs way better for future gaming. Getting a 7770 will give you probably medium highish settings now but next year it could very well be unplayable on a few of the major releases.

That is very close but the fx pulls ahead in multi threaded programs.

Even the A10 is beating it http://www.anandtech.com/bench/Product/675?vs=677 

This one is cheap and should easily beat the 7770 or the A10 5800k http://pricespy.co.nz/product.php?e=1408222 its a gigabyte GTX 650

The 650 is on par with the 7750. Anyway, you need to make a list of games you plan on playing to most because different games react differently to different hardware. But if the 650 or 7750 is the best you can shoot for, then I think the A10 5800K is your best bet. It OC's easily, even on stock cooling, and the FM2 socket is suppose to support at least one more generation of APU for future upgrade. The on-die graphics will let you game with some decent details at 720p until you can afford a worthwhile GPU, which is at least a 7850 or GTX 660. As noted before, the faster memory you can get, the better if you plan on using the on-die graphics. I'd recommend 1866MHz.

So a AMD FX 4100 with a GTX 650 isnt a very good combo or an intel core i3 with a GTX 650. Would the APU be the best choice for budget gaming then get a Radeon 7870 or a GTX 670. 

There's no such thing as bad hardware, just bad prices. The APU's are great for budget gaming, as they can handle most anything at 720p with medium settings, or even some games at 1080 with lowered details, and are priced very competitively. Here in the states, you can get the A10-5800K for the same price as an i3, and the A10 will obliterate the i3 in gaming unless you sink even more money on the Intel system with a dedicated GPU. You can easily squeeze more performance out of the A10 from overclocking the GPU cores as well as investing in fast RAM (I'd suggest 1866). The biggest benefit is that they would allow for some gaming while you save up for a worthwhile GPU. These entry level GPU's (<$100) may have a low cost, but the value is pretty poor in terms of frames per second per dollar. The GTX 660/7850 is where the value is really sweet, though anything from 7770-7950 has decent value, and from nVidia 650 Ti - 660 Ti.

BTW, there is a huge performance discrepancy between the 650  and 650-Ti; they are based on two different chips

Okay. Would you know how well they would handle windows 8 and would I be able to play bfbc2 on ultra at 720p at minimun 36fps?

here is my build for $700 http://pcpartpicker.com/ca/p/wlKT


based on the reviews I read, the i3 and 7750 combination is the best  FOR GAMING, but in rendering, fx 4100 and 7750 will kill it.

if he went with the FX-4100 or mabye even a 4300 he would be able to afford a 7770 which would be better