Which of these cards should I get?

Hey guys, so my build is coming along nicely. Im only 2 parts away from having everything I need. I'm going with an AMD FX-8350, Ive already got my Cooler Master case, my Gigabyte MOBO, my G.Skill 8gbs of RAM, etc etc. But one of the main parts Im missing(due to funds, no lie) is my graphic card. Ive kept my eyes on 2 cards mostly but am open to suggestions. The 2 Ive had my eye on are the XFX Radeon 7870 Double D edition which runs anywhere from $220 on a good day to $280(thats the highest Ive seen it go up to) and the other is the MSI GTX 660 Ti Power Edition OC which Ive seen go as low as about $280 and on NewEgg right now its over $300. But being new to all this stuff still, Im curious on what the better card is. Should I go Radeon or should I go NVIDIA? The NVIDIA is more expensive so that has to mean something, right? Maybe. Im curious. I wanna get my card soon. Or if you don't like these two cards(Im not sure why, they seem to kick ass from what Ive seen online), feel free to suggest something better in the same price area. 


Also I feel I should mention that right away the games I wanna play once its built are Battlefield 3(and hopefully 4 when it comes out), Far Cry 3, Skyrim, GTA4(and hopefully 5 if it comes to PC), ArmA 2 & the DayZ mod, ArmA 3(the alpha since thats all there is right now), Bioshock Infinite, Tomb Raider, Fallout 3 & New Vegas. Thats about it for now. Its been a dream of mine to be able to own a custom gaming PC for a long long time now and thanks to you guys on the forum who have definitely helped me in the past as well as the youtube vids from razethew0rld, its finally happening soon! Especially since this year alone, both my Xbox 360 and PS3 have taken a shit on me. Im so done with consoles! Thanks for any help guys!

Woah. You didn't really need to type so much. It actually makes it harder to ascertain what you really need. The 7870 is a capable card. I'd try and get the best possible card you can afford. Maybe a 7950? You should probably post your budget, rather than different cards and their prices. If you have trouble affording a 7950, sacrifice your proposed 8350 and pick up a 6300. In a gaming rig; the GPU is more important than your CPU

Just to clear things up, post your entire build in one easy to read list.

My apologies. Is the 6300 a viable option for gaming? Also, what 7900 series card would you recommend?

7950 is where the high-tier cards start. You will be very happy with it, very overclokable, all the Vram you could need. It actually beats the higher priced Nvidia GTX670 (also a good card). If you're on a budget: 6300 + 7950 > 8350 + 7870. 

Alright sweet! Ill look into that right away! Thank you!

I second that from best performance to worst its: 7950>gtx 660 ti>7870>7850>GTX660

Actually, I think the 7870 is a little better than the 660 ti due to AMD's recent driver wizardry. But if you can, get a blue one

Yeah, defintely go for the 7950 if it's within your price range.

+1 for the 7950  like sapphire 7950 Vapor X

but stay with the FX8350 cause FX8350 with  7950 would be a great  balanced combination.

if a 7950 is to expensive, then i would say  grap a sapphire 7870XT or a power color 7870XT myst edition.