Which of my steam games would be least stressful,or most relaxing?

This entire week has been horrible,and i need something to keep my mind off the stress,also i have today and tomarrow that i have off and had plans,but they fell through,so i have 2 day of nothing to do and if i get bored i start think about the stuff that is stressing me out.

I need anything to keep my mind off the stress right now,cause i am so stressed that i was punching stuff a min ago.

Here is a link to what i have on steam:http://steamcommunity.com/id/trainergames/games?tab=all

Also if you can't suggest any of those please suggest something free,cause i don't have any money to spare right now.  

well if you like 2D Side Scroller games, I would check maplestory out. I find it relaxing. If you do, make a character on the El Nindo Server, which is the one I play ong

Why not play borderlands with me and take out your frustrations out by shooting people


I see you have Just Cause 2 in your list. I've found your game.

Get the Reqiuem for the Capital Wasteland mod for New Vegas and have at it.

Or: Left 4 Dead 2.

I would say Borderlands because its fun, quick, and humorous or Audiosurf if you have some music you really like to listen to.

Gmod or GTA Series, just stick cheats on and have a blast, i used to do it on PS2, now i just stick skyrim on and use cheats to get uber character then pwn everything in my sight until i get bored :)

Fuck yeah, GTA: San Andreas, use cheats and act like a fool from onwards :D