Which multiplayer is better mw2 or cod4 on ps3?

I'm going to sell a couple of my ps3 games. I was thinking of getting either mw2 or cod4?

It's all up to your personal preference (in my experience) both are full of trickshotters/quickscopers if you can put up with 12 year olds raging at you for not using a bolt action sniper you'll be fine with either.

Yeah im just looking for one of these to last me a few weeks until i get my pc running. The anticipation is killing me.

I think mw2 will have a better base of players on ps3. So I would go with that

That is what i was thinking as well. Ive also never played cod4 online but im build a pc next month so i was probably going to get cod4 then and try the galactic warfare mod among other things.