Which motherboard?

Hi I am wondering which of these motherboards would be best suited to a gaming/workstation build i have 3 options and here they are: http://www.newegg.co...N82E16813132412


thanks for the help and I will add in some of the specs of my build:

intel i7 4790k
corsair dominator platinum 2133mhz 16gb
intel 730 ssd
wd black 1tb
asus strix gtx 970.

Thank you!

non of your links are exaly working.

sorry i don't know why but they were working before anyway the three boards listed are the asus z97 pro gamer the asus z97 pro and the asus z9z deluxe, i am looking for a workstation/gaming board any good options and helpfull advice on the three boars also would be great, thank you!

also what do you think about the MSI Z97 MPOWER?

its yellow...

Get whichever is affordable, read reviews by whoever you trust (jayztwocents, linustech, teksyn).
And then read some of written ones by buyers.

The color doesn't really matter as my case doesn't have a window.

Twas but a joke.

Z97-A or Z97-AR would be great boards in regards to their features, functionality for your split usage. I would consider scaling back on the DOMINATOR kit of memory unless you really want to aggressively overclock your memory. Instead look at more price aggressive but still quality kit of memory in the 2133 range. DRAM bandwidth is important for workstation oriented workflows where you have more compression and decompression. Additionally if you have large active memory utilization this will also be assisted by the latency and frequency and overall bandwidth afforded by the memory.

Secondary options would be the SABERTOOTH Z97 MARK 2, MAXIMUS VII HERO or Z97-PRO.

All of the boards would offer the same level of performance. The difference would come in specialized features and some aspects of design.

The HERO along with the SABERTOOTH would feature the most advanced designs and offer the lowest temperature performance of the VRM assembly especially under continual load. That being noted all boards would have no issue running extensive load across the VRM it is just a question of how you want your system your to run. TUF does offer a 5 year warranty where as all the other boards will only offer a 3 year warranty. If you are focusing on a lot of storage flexibility then the PRO may be the best option with more total USB, SATA, M.2 connections than the others as well as including Wi-Fi should you want it.

Best of luck with the build!

Basicly any decent Z97 board will be fine for your needs.
It depends a bit on the specific feutures you like.

I personaly do prefer a board with an intel nic, based on your workstation needs.

Asus Z97 pro gamer would basicly not be a bad choice, but you get a bit limited in connectiviy. that might be an issue, if you ever plan on upgrading storage. So i would personaly look for something that has more connectivity to offer.

Maybe something like the Asrock Z97 Extreme 6.

This board has allot of connectivity to offer