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Which Motherboard & Memory Kit Should I Buy for 2700x



Not sure how much money i should spend.

Would a B450 motherboard be okay for a non overclocked 2700x, I have no interest in overclocking CPU’s the only thing i want is to just run the memory at the correct speed.

Does it make me strange for not overclocking CPU’s, I’m a person who doesn’t really like spending hours on end in the BIOS

What i want from a motherboard that has decent VRM’s to run a 2700x and run the memory at the correct speed bye just enabling the XMP profile that doesn’t break the bank or would i just be better to get a X470 motherboard.

I was looking at the Gigabyte B450 Aorus Pro Motherboard is it any good or Should i look at ASUS ROG Strix B450-F Motherboard i have watch some reviews but still kinda confused.

Memory kit i would prefer an RGB cause i’m doing a themed build i know the G Skill kit are very popular but all i want is the memory kit to work, I know the RGB kits have drop a little bit in price, Same applies (like with the motherboard) just want good RGB kit without breaking the bank.

Thank you


b450 will be fine
g-skill rgb DDR4-3200 kits are all (or almost all?) b-die so that’s a good kit for Ryzen.

However, you may want to see if there are any other non-overclock related things you miss out on vs. an X370/470 board.

I’m the same.

For me, STABILITY is 100% paramount, and I can not be bothered tweaking for days to ensure that any particular overclock is stable. I don’t want glitched data, i don’t want crashes.

A 2700X is a great CPU for people like us, as the second generation XFR is pretty good at keeping the clocks up there without any manual tweaking. A 2700X is “fast enough” for pretty much any workload you’ll throw it, and for those things it is not fast enough for, you’ll likely want more threads; an overclock won’t get you that.

And if you’re running at stock clocks, you know that any crashes are either a hardware or software fault, not some weird special circumstances overclocking related issue that may or may not be covered by warranty.


The only other thing you could miss is the split of CPU PCIe lines.


Does XFR work in non X boards? I was under the impression that to get the most out of XFR you needed a X board.
Other than that, you would be missing on expanded I/O options, SATA ports and PCIe lanes. Manufacturers also tend relegate their top end components to higher end boards. It really comes down to what you plan to do. Do you need lots of USB ports and whatnot? Do you need the extra SATA ports and PCIe lanes?


I recently purchased the Aorus x470 gaming wifi 7, based on this review:

But haven’t put it together yet, so can’t share experience.


Really nice board. Love GB, but their BIOS is a bit meh. They seem to implement a bug or two in every other BIOS release. The latest for my board breaks sleep and renders Linux almost unusable due to a weird compatibility issue.


Sad to hear it. I was thinking of running Windows/Ubuntu dual boot but I guess I’ll stick to VirtualBox for my ubuntu on desktop. Got an Ubuntu laptop anyway.


My board is a X370, so it may be different for the X470. In my case, the previous BIOS works fine and there is really nothing new for me in the latest revision. But so far that has been my experience. New BIOS, something new breaks, next BIOS they fix it but break something else.