Which motherboard is better for my money?

im not sure which mobo i should get. i think i would be fine with the gigabyte keyboard. but im not too sure, what are the differences? i will be running an amd fx 6300 with a sapphire 7870. here are the motherboards. thanks in advance



okay and WHY?

The Asus; it has a stronger 6+2 digital power phase, supports up to 2133mHz RAM, and is overall a better built board.


asus, good build quality, not many people have problems

not everyone has a problem with gigabyte am3+ boards, but a bit more peole do than with asus

also, i just bought a nearly identical board about an hour ago (evo, pro pretty much the same)

but im asking which is better for my money? do i seriously NEED the asus? or is the gigabyte fine for what im running?

im only getting 8gb 1866 ram tho.

...in your comparison they're pretty much the same price... and the asus is cheaper

i guess if you hate the idea of rebates, then the gigbyte is perfectly fine

uhmm.. no the gigabyte is 20 bucks cheaper $129.99(sale) compared to the $145.99 asus

Gigabyte only because there is a reason it is the highest selling board with the 990fx chipset.

lol thats what i was thinking too

$134.99 for the Pro: http://www.microcenter.com/product/395441/M5A99FX_PRO_R20_Socket_AM3_990FX_ATX_AMD_Motherboard

$117.98 for the Evo: http://www.outletpc.com/de7484-asus-m5a99x-evo-r20-amd-990fx-amd-motherboard.html?utm_source=de7484-asus-m5a99x-evo-r20-amd-990fx-amd-motherboard&utm_medium=shopping%2Bengine&utm_campaign=pcpartpicker&utm_content=Asus%2B-%2BMotherboards%20%3E%20AMD%20Socket%20AM3

$125 after rebate, thats why i said "if you don't like rebate"

The Reason why the ud3 is sold so much is because its low price, but the quality of the board is also not that great, many issues with overheating vrm´s and northbridge chip, wen overclocking voltage  throtteling and not a very great bios.

The Asus M5A99FX pro R2.0 is the winner

but is it seriously worth the extra 20 bucks with my hardware?

if you never plan to do an cpu upgrade  and stay with the FX6300 95W tdp cpu, then you would be fine with that board, but if you ever plan to upgrade to a FX8350 or FX8320, and overclock that then its worth it deffanetly.