Which monitor would be best for my situation?

So, right now I have a 7950(1100 core /1400 vram) and a main monitor at 1680x1050 with an auxiliary monitor at 1280x1024. The higher res one I game and code(cs major) on, the lower res one I have a web browser or something helpful open for when I code incase I need to look up something. After working this summer I plan to get a 290, but I want a gaming monitor worthy of one aswell. Since its gonna be Christmas soon I decided to get myself one now as a present.


Ether this one (1440p @ 60hz) http://www.microcenter.com/product/384780/EQ276W_27_WQHD_IPS_LED_Monitor


or this one ([email protected] 144hz) http://www.amazon.com/BenQ-XL2420TE-Performance-24-Inch-Professional/dp/B00D7IG556/ref=cm_cr_pr_product_top


The 1440p one is a larger screen, better res, has about the same gtg lag as the one I use now, and has about 20% pixels than what I have now combined so that would be nice for writing code, especially since I can hook the other two up for auxiliary. But 1440p takes a lot more gpu power than 1080 to get decent frames, granted I don't need max settings I'm happy with 4xaa(I can more than live with 2x), and medium settings so long as it gets me native res at a decent frame rate.


The 1080p one has dat 1ms gtg time, I have an unhealthy love of all things low lag, and is 144hz. Yeah its lower res and smaller but I can deal with that, 3 inches isn't that important to me I'm male, especially since I do have more than one monitor to do my work on, and it'll take more gpu power to get > 100fps but like I said I can live with medium settings.


Since I'll have to turn down the settings in most games to get the most out of the monitor, until I get a better gpu, I guess its down to deciding if I want a higher res more or dat low input lag and higher frame rate(which since I play a lot of online multi player with my friends will actually be useful to me).


I feel like this should be an easy choice but for me for some reason its not. What would you do were you me, I need a second opinion.  Sorry for the long post. 

form a gaming stand point you cant beat the 2420te but for work and stuff the 1440p will give you more room to work with.  You could look at the 1440p panels like the x star that will over clock to like 100hz if you must have both other wise figure out what is more important to you.

It takes a lot of gpu power to get 100hz at 1440p.  I'll just have to decide between more work space and slightly sharper graphics are 144hz and lower input lag I guess.