Which monitor will be better for gaming

Eizo foris FS2333-PN is an IPS panel which has received great review based on its outstanding colour accuracy, o.8 input lag and 3ms GTG but is limited to 60MHZ ---£289

The denq XL2420Te is 120hz,2ms but the image quality is much worse than the eizo.--£330

Is the 144hz worth the decrease in image quality, I have a gtx780 and plan on playing mainly RPGs and FPS

My budget for a monitor is £340 if you have an alternatives plz listed them .



get the best quality one you can for the budget you have, a good monitor will / SHOULD last for several builds.

have you used a TN panel if so how was the image quality

playing super competitively or want that 780 to earn it's worth get the 120hz, otherwise get something that will look better and be more enjoyable

Does 120HZ make a real diffrence if so how?