Which monitor should I choose?

So I have 62$ on a best buy gift card. I avoid best buy like the plague, but I need a new monitor to finish my build. Which one of these has better color?

The Asus - http://m.bestbuy.com/m/e/product/detail.jsp?skuId=8767053&pid=1218890759248&pcatId=abcat0509000

The LG - http://m.bestbuy.com/m/e/product/detail.jsp?skuId=7979101&pid=1218863186104&pcatId=pcmcat200900050014

Any input is appreciated, thanks. 

Personaly, I would get the Asus.

"Enables lifelike color reproduction with rich, dark blacks and brilliant whites."

I can vouch for that because my mother has that monitor in her house. It looks amazing.

I would go with the LG just because of the price and they probably use a similar panel anyways but I would just look at them in the store and see what one looks better to you in terms of picture and style/color.  Just remeber that the color contrast and gamma can always be adjusted so you can make them look even better.

I am currently sitting in front of that particular LG monitor.  I picked the one in store (Best buy black Friday for $150) with the best contrast and color; (Since the rig I own is primary for photographic editing.) It is an excellent monitor, however if you intend to use this for gaming, make sure to disable it's power saving feature so you do not get fluctuating brightness levels mid game.

I looked deeper into the specs and it supports 75 hz. Seeing this advantage, and taking your advice, I went for it. It looks fantastic. Thanks for your advice.