Which mechanical keyboard?

If you are on Massdrop check out their mechanical keyboard section, you will get quality and cheap and they should ship to Egypt.

One other thing, if you ever plan to get into customising them with keycaps and things go with a US ANSI layout. I like my ISO layout but it is impossible to get custom parts for them.

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I'll check mass drop right now thanks :) I'll see what is there and calculate the costs and so on and tell you what i think

Good luck. Shipping will be the thing that kills I figure, but I might work out.

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Shipping will be crazy it would end up much more expensive than amazon shipping especially to egypt xD like 110 dollar keyboard and 90 shipping xD wont work for me.. back again to where i started xD
corsair given that LEDS wont die or razer with rgb back lighting and fully programable plus macro keys ??

Personally I would recommend a Poker. It is a high quality keyboard with thick PBT keycaps. But if you're stuck on lighting, I would go with the Corsair. Razer recently downgraded to Asian made key switches instead of German

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Guys, it's between the K70 and BW Chroma, unless you can find an international option.

I have heard and seen reports that some red led K70s simply fail outright(don't turn on, etc) after a couple months.

The Blackwidow Chroma uses Kailh switches branded under Razer, which I have felt myself and they seem wobbly and not as tactile as their Cherry MX counterparts.

Tough decision, but my vote goes to the BW Chroma. Kailh switches have been reliable enough in my experience and the constant problems with the K70 worries me.

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I read that led problems are only there in blue led discontinued version of the k70 and its not therer in the red led that i can get.. given that there is no LED problems just switches vs rgb in razer :D which should i get??
and is rgb worth using a kailh switch?? And are kailh switched only wobbely and so on? Or does it malfunction a lot??
and thank you all really for all your replies and concern i am amazed by how friendly you are and how much you want to help someone who is half a world away xD

Well, here's an example of why I have trouble recommending Corsair nowadays.


I've seen other reports like this around the web as well. Of course, this might just be the vocal minority, but I'd still factor this possibility in when making the choice.

The common consensus with Kailh switches is that they are not made to as high of a standard as Cherry MX switches. I have a Kailh brown keyboard and there's not a lot of wobble. However, on the "Razer Green" switches I tried out the key, when depressed, could easily be pushed around and therefore felt wobbly.

There's also the question about longevity since the Kailh switches are still on the newer side of the market. Cherry MX has had their patents for years and their switches have been tried and true(their patents just expired, hence the influx of Kailh switches)

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To be honest i dont have much choice sadly
deep inside i want razer because its fancy and rgb soand so on
i know cm and ducky and other things are better but they are not an option due to budget issues if i want to get them from amazon they will cost 200$+
My budget is around 170$ including taxes and shipping
chroma is on a ridiculous sale and corsair is within the budget
i want a backlit fully mechanical full size keyboard which is not white back lit and max 130$ on amazon so the shipping makes it 175 dollar lr so on
or razer blackwidow

Also individual backlit keys
so corsair k70 fits and through my searches i havent found any other than razer blackwidow chroma which is kailh as you said
wobbely :( idont know how will i tolerate that
I'm thinking of buying it anyway cause rgb is so fancyyy
then again i hesitate cause cherry's quality is outstanding..

And what about the synapse software i read it sometimes causes problems and renders the blackwidow useless

if the RGB led lightning with rainbow color effect is important to you.
THen you might watch this movie that i found.

according tho this compairisson, the light effects and brightness seem to be better on the Razer.
Still i think its hard to recommend a keyboard or mouse in general, cause its a very personal thing.

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Does this imply that non cherry MX switches aren't mechanical?

I'm going for razer cause of the rgb and being fully programmable i decided ;) thank you every one for your time and efforts :)

No, what i mean, on the Blackwiddow Chroma, Razer uses an own creation of "what they call" a "mechanical" switch.

But what i read about most reviews, that they not seem to be that decently build as a cherry mx switch.

Funny thing by the way, the Blackwiddow NON chroma editions, you can get them with cherry mx

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Turned out a competition between g710+ and corsair k70 and I'm going with corsair k70 instead of the other two "razer included"

Now I'm just torn between browns and reds

honestly, if you can get sent to you a key sampler (sorry if you already addressed this earlier), you can try out the difference in the keys ... as a few people have said, preference for a key type is INCREDIBLY personal and subjective ...

contrary to what some people say, i find nothing wrong with blacks and the razer greens ... i have the blacks in a keyboard at work and i'm typing on a razer tournament right now ... happy with both, but the noise on the razer is such that i couldn't use it work even if i wanted to

that said, of reds or browns, i'd choose the reds ... again, subjective and based on the feel of them in the sampler

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Corsair k70 rgb red cherry mx version was on a sale for 144.5$ on amazon so i bought it anyway xD instead of all this fuss xD
thank you everyone :)

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Nice choice :) if they weren't so outrageously expensive down here in Australia, I'd have one in a heartbeat!


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I would advise against leaving your decision to a what a forum says is the right keyboard for you.
Test each switch type out for yourself. You may like reds, hate blues but fall in love with black switches. Also consider how loud it is if you live in close proximity to others. Loud click, click, clicking @ 3-4am is a great way to annoy housemates/partners.

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