Which Mechanical Key Type Should I Get?

I have only tried two, blues and browns, for me the blues were way to fragile(easy to push down) it was like if you dropped a feather on the key it would go down, I din't like that and the browns felt too resistant, the only others I think are reds and blacks, what are those like? Also would you recommend Corsair keyboards they look really nice.


Thanks again guys!

Blues are actually considered a heavier switch.

I'd recommend that you look into Greens, Blacks, or even Clears.

blues are heavier than browns...

If you thin blues are soft then don't get reds, greens imo are awkwardly hard to push down (especially weaker fingers like the pinkie). So blacks maybe your best bet.

Blues are insanely light dude

anyways Im thinking red

Here's a good guide:


get blacks that is what I have and they are really nice they are just heavier reds

Yeah, if you like linear switches but find Reds too easy to press, blacks are a great option.

Blues take up to 60g, while Reds take 45g. I think that you are mistaken in your logic.