Which market will have the highest impact if and when Zen delievers on the 40% IPC?

I think average consumers will be out. They're not really buying laptops nor desktops as much as they used to. Even University Students are looking more at the Surface or iPad or even Macs with Adobe classes requiring it and Apple hasn't been known for using AMD and even traditional OEMS like Lenovo, Dell and HP haven't really made a good AMD laptop in years, but I guess they would be open to the idea depending on AMD's 20w APU lineup.

The Enterprise is questionable. The Enterprise usually shoots for performance per watt, but there are Datacentres for one reason or another that still use AMD servers, so I guess they would upgrade. But I'm not sure about taking market from intel.

Last, but not least PC Gamers. I don't think it's going to convert Intel users unless their CPU is so old, they have a front-side bus because from my calculations, it's on par with sandy bridge. so this would be mostly for AMD users that bought an APU for a cheap rig or bought an 8350 3 years ago and was tricked by AMD's "We have 8 fucking cores for $200!" marketing and didn't think it would take so long for games to use multiple threads. I got into the "Tiger Direct has a 1045t for $100 and your nephew could use your old CPU" mindset where it felt like I was still on my Pentium 4, but there was six of them instead of one and with DX12/Vulkan, my "6 virtual pentium 4s" will make it relevant. So DX12/Vulkan could be a double edged sword for the future of AMD because it makes performance per core matter less than the overall performance making older Intel Xeon builds compete with AMD as well as older AMD CPUs.

As for myself, I'm itching for more IPC for my Skyrim mods, but I also look forward to what the extra IPC and the same or more cores will do for future DX12/Vulkan titles. It looks like the raw performance would be more than twice as fast if I go from 6 cores to 8 cores at a higher clock rate and IPC, but the usable performance in future titles will be much, much greater because with DX12/Vulcan, the other 7 cores in a 8-core CPU won't be there bored doing nothing.

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