Which maple syrup?

I want to order some real maple syrup from the Vermont/New Hampshire area. There are so many to choose from. Can someone from that part of the country direct me to some of the best producers who sell via the web?


I have no idea what the 'best' brand is, but look for the Grade B maple syrup. It has a much richer flavor than the Grade A stuff.

As far as I'm concerned syrup is syrup. The only real differences between them are the grades that I mentioned above since just about every producer uses similar systems to make the stuff.

Hi, Quebec citizen here. I know a lot about syrup, but i've never tasted Vt or NH syrup. I didn't even know they sold it online, but i have to concur the thicker, less "pure" syrup tastes a lot more and in my opinion a lot better.

Now if you'll excuse me i'm going to dip my bacon in maple syrup, i plan on dying of diabetes in 5 years.

Hi, another Canadian here. Ontario division.

Just forget American syrup and think nothing but Quebecois syrup if you want anything "better"
Ontarian syrup isn't bad, but it just isnt the great stuff the frenchies out in Quebecland can do.

Back to trying to maintain my igloo in this hot weather, feed my polar bear, and drink some nice bagged milk. 

i live in québec and i buy around 1 gallon a year of grade A maple syrup. I'm blessed to be able to buy it directly from the guy who actually own the land and make it ( tree+tube+boiler ).

from what i hear in québec, grade A and B are mostly the same( something about the color) , some people can't tell the difference. that said i do not know if its the same grading system elsewhere.

now some pic to make people jelly





Grade A down here usually means that it is the clearest syrup and is moderately light colored. Grade B is darker and less clear. Most people I know that have syrup often say that Grade B is the way to go if you want a richer flavor. It's also a little less processed.

Vermont maple syrup to get the most pure and untainted. There have been a lot of reports from Canadian maple syrup suppliers spraying the tree holes with formaldehyde to keep the holes from closing, which is highly against the law as it is very dangerous for human consumption, but they do it to 'cheat' and get more syrup out of the trees. This kills the trees also.

I am not saying all Canadian syrup suppliers do this, but you just never know who is doing it and who isn't. There have been zero reports of anyone from Vermont doing it. Vermonters are very big on being pure and eco-friendly. So if you don't want to risk ingesting formaldehyde, get Vermont maple syrup.

x amount of pineapple juice boiled+ same amount of sugur, follow simple syrup intructions and now you have the best syrup out there

Sadly pistol is right. some producers just got caught recently using a "liquid" version of formaldehyde ( they used pills in the past and they were  caught). you can still buy bio-certified syrup that are lab tested.

all those kind of things ( pesticide, Fungicide, and all other crazy chemical stuff ) makes me want to turn into a bio-crazy hippie :(


I didn't know pineapples came from maple trees ;)

Nothing crazy about caring about what you're putting inside your own body.

What Pistol said.


Furthermore, Grade A syrup is early season, thinner, sweet but weaker flavor. Grade B is later in the season extraction, thick, full flavored and my personal preference.


My suggestion is buy one of each and try them...Pick a certain brand that seems reputable and see how you like  them. If you don't like it, don't buy it again and switch to another brand or look elsewhere for your sticky sweet.

Thanks for the information, I found the Vermont Maple Sugar Makers Association. I'll try some syrup from one of the members.

Apparently they are changing the grading system.