Which Level1 KVM for me

I currently am using 2 computers work(laptop) and personal(desktop) and switching back and forth between the 2. The work computer is new Lenovo thinkpad with USB C. I am using 3 monitors for my desktop, 2 portrait 27" monitors and a LG 38" curved widescreen monitor in the middle. I am not using anything for gaming. this is for programming and work type uses. It isn’t essential that I run all 3 monitors off the laptop. I would settle for the 38" monitor only. I appreciate the assistance.

I’d get the 1.4 with a possible repeater for the usbc device. but that’s just me :smiley:

Thanks for the feedback Wendell. I just placed my order. I am very pleased to find a way to support the channel. On another topic I recently signed up for my linode account. I am running plex and nextcloud and really want to setup HA proxy as you described in a recent video.
Thanks again. Great forum and youtube channel.

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Sorry to be a pest. The website says shipping in October. I was wondering when I might expect my KVM1.4?

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