Which laptop would you pick?


I am looking to purchase a new laptop for school and gaming. I'll be using it in school to run various CAD programs and to play games(SC2, D3, Skyrim, BF3).

I currently have an 11 inch laptop and coding java on it is useless. The keys are too small and having 2 windows open at the same time is a pain.

I was looking at getting one of these: ThinkPad T520, W520, Dell XPS 15z, M17x, MBP 15inch. I would rather lean towards a 17inch than a 14, a well constructed sturdy design and keyboard is a must.

Why are the ThinkPads so expensive (I know MBP and Alienware are just overpriced)?

Are there any laptops i've overlooked (probably lol)?

Which would you choose and why.


I would check out the ASUS G Series. They are killer notebooks and you can find some killer prices on NewEgg if you look. 

stay away from dell. I would Check some of the MSI Laptops along side Asus.

whats your budget?

How much you planning to spend? MSI builds wonderful gaming laptops with a price premium however... so it depends on your price range

I would like to stay under 2000. My friend bought a sager laptop from xoticpc and the build felt kind of cheap(keyboard flex, unresponsive track pad), will I have any problems with that going with MSI. I know Asus should be good in that regard.

Are you going to purchase it online? If you're able to get in a shop, you could test out the build quality first hand. You could also find reviews regarding keyboard flex etc, online but it may be more ideal for you to try it out yourself first hand.

For the trackpad, even if ever it is responive, you'd still want an actual mouse either gaming or using your CAD programs...

Get a Xplorer laptop from Cyberpower PC

Thanks for the input, the msi and Xplorer laptops look promising.  The price for what your getting(parts wise) looks alot better than what I was looking at. 

I would like to hear you elaborate on that statement. I haven't tried a Dell in a long, long time. But back when I had my last dell... that thing refused to die. Have they gone down in quality lately?


Frosty Computers have been good to me over the years.. very good msi prices.

You can get a MSI GT680R now for under $1000

Thats i7 2630QM - nVidia GTX460M - up to 16 Gigs Ram - raid 0 drives - built in tiny sub woofer - 1080p native led screen - oc on the fly with turbo

Here is a link to the price atm http://www.frostycomputers.com/category_s/33.htm?searching=Y&sort=2&cat=33&show=10&page=1

Hope it helps you out :)


Recently built a laptop for a friend, so ive recently been in the same pickle, Build one yourself, get a Clevo chassis from Ebay, got a W170hr for 450 tax n shippin included. As for the build, it cost me bout 900, for an i7 2760, 60gb ssd, 500gb momentus xt, Corsair 8gb 1600mhz cas 9, nvidia gt 555( i know it aint gtx but its what my friend wanted). Check the specs, its worth buildin your own if you look around. I was surprised this was the case even for laptops...

Yeah, they did unfortunately. I bought an Inspiron 15z a while back, had to send it in 2x for mobo failure and another because my display died. Got fed up with it after that. I had it in more time for repairs than i had it. Probably going to get an ASUS now lol