Which Laptop to buy?

So for x-mas this year I'm helping my mom pick out a laptop for my brother.  He doesn't need a super computer, he said he just wants to be able to play minecraft/terraria (and other games like that) and have a computer that he can use for school.  I've looked around and narrowed it down to these 2





The budget is $320, if there are other options I'm happy to hear them.  Which of these will be better for light use/light gaming?  I know neither will be amazing for gaming but it doesnt have to be great, just play the game.  Which has better onboard graphics (I'm almost sure its the AMD, just want to check though)?

The graphics are better with AMD but the CPU is better with Intel. I'd go AMD for this application. :)

Thats what i was thinking, just wanted a second opinion!  Thanks! :)

Both of those laptops have a 1366x768 panel. I bought an HP with that AMD APU and it preformed awesomely, even on a 1600x900 panel. That broke and now I'm on a gateway, with a 1366x768 panel and let me tell you it is an awful display. Stay away from that res

That would probably mean going up to at least a $500 budget for him though.