Which laptop should i buy among these?

My Budget : INR 50k

Usage: Web development and web/graphic design softwares mostly (adobe cc illustrator, photoshop, visual studio)

Screen size : at least 15 inch

I have finalized the below 2 laptops :

Lenovo ideapad 320

Acer Swift 3 Ryzen 5

However i’m not able to decide between the two as both have some visible issues:

Lenovo ideapad : The only issue i have with this one is the 720p only display which might be an issue for web designing purposes.

Acer swift 3: I have 2 issues with this one: 1) No expandable ram slot. 2) No dedicated graphic processor and I’m not really sure about the display quality and performance of its integrated graphic processor radeon vega 8.

So i have mainly 3 questions:

I have never worked on a 720p screen for my web development/design. Do you think it would be a major problem in the long run ?

None of these laptops contain SSD so i’m planning to upgrade that post purchase. How big of a difference does SSD make over older HDD for my usage (web development and designing) ?

Finally of course, which laptop would you prefer?

Also, please suggest any other laptop which you feel would be better in this price range.

if your budgt is 50 .000 rupees why not Lenovo Ideapad 520? It has dedicated gpu and 1920x1080

Thanks i was also interested in that. Can you suggest some laptops for budget below 70k as per my usage?

Acer Nitro 5 AN515 It has modern dGPU Nvidia 1050 1920x1080 IPS since you do design it may give better colors than TN panel but CPU is from 2017 7th gen Intel

Lenovo IdeaPad 330 has same dGPU Nvidia 1050 and 2018 8th gen Intel CPU but is TN pannel which may not be the best if you do design

both are Intel quad core I5 but
2017 7th Gen I5 is no hyperthreading so it is Just 4 cores
2018 8th Gen i5 is Hyperthreaded so 4 cores and 4 threads(8 in total)

Dau’s Lenova Bristol Ridge laptop died
Wife’s Asus Kavari laptop keeps going and going.
Then again I had an Asus am3 MB last under a year, but my Asus GT 520 Silent still works

If you mean to say that asus tends to be more reliable brand than lenovo. My personal experience is limited to Asus. I mostly buy exclusive asus models for this reason my current lapto(s) are 5 and 8 years old and still going tho the hardware is VERY dated, but Asus is a somewhat premium brand and you often pay extra for the same hardware(although not nearly as bad as Apple). he was asking about Budget laptops. I sincerely doubt that acer or Lenovo laptops will break before they are dated the only brand i’d stear clear of are Apple products and HP Products. Although there may be people with good experiences having these brands. I know for a fact that HP as a company will have stuff last just to warrenty. Just so they can sell you a new one and apple is even worse in this regard(they may refuse to repair whithin warrenty for (insert dumb reason))

Mostly I meant that with any computer hope for happiness but expect pain. I swear the their is a line of code in firmwear that says
[Is it past return date? …no=keep working…yes=fail] :slight_smile: