Which KVM or other device should I use for laptop + gaming PC

Hey folks,

I want to have your opinion on a smooth desk setup without attaching and detaching all cables and having hardware that does not suck (break or unreliable behavior).

I have the following hardware:

  • 2 x 1440p (144Hz) Samsung C27HG70QQU, 27 inch
    • 1 x Displayport
    • 1 x HDMI
    • USB 3 Hub with 2 USB ports
  • gaming PC with PowerColor Red Devil Radeon RX 5700 XT (Displayports)
  • laptop
  • Peripherals
    • logitech wireless keyboard mous combo (1 x USB dongle)
    • wireless Headset (1 x USB dongle)
    • USB webcam

Currently, I connect my PC via Displayport and take my dongles and plug them around.
Before plugging them around I tried a USB Switch but that never worked with my audio device.
For some reason that crashed or whatever after some time on every operating system and made horrible loud noise for people who had to listen to me. For me, there was no problem, but for them. So I started to switch the dongle around my wireless headset dongle.

My Laptop is connected to a USB-C dongle.
That dongle does:

  • power
  • ethernet
  • 1 Display
  • USB devices which come from the USB switch (mouse, keyboard, camera)
    • yes, the laptop connects to a USB-C hub to a USB switch …

The 2nd monitor is connected via HDMI directly to the monitor. Since I do not see any other way to do that.

I had already a few dongles. They break after some time and are not cheap. Talking 50+ Euro. And that USB Switch was also around 60-80 bugs.

Some time ago it started to get problems with the keyboard in the USB Switch.
I can not reliably switch that anymore, especially on boot for my gaming PC, where I switch between gaming (windows) and work (Linux).

So the Logitech mouse and keyboard dongle is switched around the gaming pc and the laptop as well. Like the wireless headset dongle.

I am starting to think if one of those Level1Tech KVMs could be a decent option. If not, do you have any other recommendations?

The only thing I want is to have 144/120 Hz while gaming in 1440p. For the laptop that will not be possible I guess. But could be wrong here.

i have just finished my setup its similar to yours but no ethernet and 144hz monitors, but i think l1kvm display port kvm switch supports 144hz. Heres my journey 1.4 DP L1KVM switch DIY remote - #23 by tadas