Which IT Certifications get you better jobs?

I'm thinking about signing up for classes, i keep hearing people make bank in the i.t field after finishing their ccna cert and upping their income. Can you guys recommend anything or is it a total waste if you don't have a college degree.

To give you an idea of what I have
I am in a 2 year program for Networking
I also have

I started applying for jobs, as I graduate in May. Almost every single networking job has required a CCENT and/or CCNA

They are not a waste of money, they are definitely money well spent. And the money you can make from getting the cert will pay for itself

If you dont have a college degree, the cert wont substitute one, but it at least shows that you know the stuff.

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This is what I have

Bachelor of Information Technology, Networking Major
Certified Allied Telesis Professional <- Wouldn't advise getting this one.
Ruckus WiSE Level 1

Try and get Experience that is all I can say