Which is the right PSU for my Build?

i5 4670k @ 3,4 | Evga GTX 760 2GB ATX SC| Asus VI Impact | 2SSD 2 HDD | 2 Bitfenix silentwings 2 | Corsair Cooling Hydro Series H80i 

Silverstone SST-ST55F-G Strider Gold Series - 550 Watt

Seasonic X-400 Platinum Modular Fanless


I want my PSU to be fully Modular. 

Would it be stupid to go for Silverstone with the better form factor and Wings?




I'd personally go the first one - the 550w strider. 

All are great choices - choose which one you can get for the least.

Thanks a lot guys ;)

Have a Tek day!