Which is the Best Back-up Software for network backing up?

I use my Desktop as a sort of server for everyone to be able to get data from and stuff like that. i have 2 separate 2TB HDD's that they use so yea. i want a way that they can back up there data to these HDD's over WiFi or Ethernet or what ever there connected to at the time, within our home network.

I know WiFi back-ups take forever but its the easiest thing for us to do as it will just do it when they are on on like a weekly basis.

Preferably i would like a software that backs up in increments so the back-ups don't take as long. i would also like to be able to restore via the network.

I hope that software like this exists, i do not mind spending money on it, i just want something that works well. unlike windows back-up. which i can use as all the computers are running windows 7 home premium which doesn't allow backing up to network.

Any help would be greatly appreciated,



Check out Retrospect 

If you can get a dedicated old pc for it you could check out freenas

i had a backup server that ran an ftp. then i mapped the ftp to a volume, so that way i could say f:/folder and that would corispond to the 'folder' folder in my ftp server.

then i had a batch file that ran every night that just coppied everything to the ftp. this was a simple server for keeping track of about 500 students work, so it came to under 100 megs, so i didnt care about the ineficiency. however ther are programs that check and only re-backup changed files. combining that with the mapped ftp would make a very powerful backup tool.