Which Is Better?

So I'm in a argument with my best friend, and he thinks that two R7 250 would be better than one 280X, but I think it's the other way round. Who is right?

A simple response to your friend; "Ahaha hahah ahaha... uhh... no".

A 280X will smoke 250's in Crossfire. Not every game in existence works in Crossfire anyways, so the argument is pointless.


2048>384 on stream processors. May I also add in that 128 bit vs. 384 bit, the 384 bit wins.

who ever has the biggest wiener obviously.


Like the previous people said, one R9 280X is definitely superior to two R7 250 GPUs, in an almost comical way.

Seriously, look at some benchmarks between just a single R9 280X and a single R7 250. Even when you double the R7 250s score, which would be the best-case scenario, the R9 280X is still on a good deal better for performance.