Which is better? Studio Beats or Monster DNA?

me and a friends are having an arguement over this, I choose beats he says dna's, and do any producers and sound artist actually use beats or DNA in their studio?

I highly doubt any professional  "sound artist" uses Beats or Monster DNAs.


Get yourself a nice set of Sennheiser cans.

The 558's are really good for the money.



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Read this post that came up yesterday, everything said for that applies here too:

lol that's actually my post :p

Why are you asking a similar question again then? Those brands are just that, brands. They have been marketed well for the masses that have no idea what they are actually buying. Listen to the advice you were given yesterday for some actually good headphones.

If you've not compared these brands to any of the other audio brands, in person, it is a worthwhile endeavor. The primary issue that I have with both Beats and Monster DNA and a few other "endorsed" brands, who exist only because someone in a genre of music improved only by mutilating your headphones built in equalizer, is that you really shouldn't need celebrity endorsement to sell your headphones. Your headphones should probably also be comfortable and sound as though the company spent enough money into their development to charge you that much for them. 

My advice? Consider Sony. Many brands are also exceptionally excellent, but you can more frequently find some high-end Sony Headphones in a store to experience. The other thing about Sony headphones is that, with the exception of those companies whose entire business consists of audio devices, there are very few brands who even come close to the return on investment of Sony audio devices. I have a pair of Sony headphones that I spent $30 on. They have a pretty stellar in-line mic and they sound even better than the Studio Beats or Monster DNA. They have deep yet realistic bass with natural, readily audible mid tones and treble. They also look pretty fantastic.

I wouldn't get either. I believe Monster used to own the Beats name so I believe they are pretty similar. 

Either way they both aren't very good. They color the sound and make the bass dominate everything. Even if you did like a lot of bass and only listened to music which took advantage of that they still sound poor. 

My cousin just got a $180 pair of Studio Beats for Christmas. My Sennheiser HD280s destroy them and even my HD 428s, which I got for $30, killed them. To top it all off the build quality on the Beats stuff is poor as well. My cousin's set already broke. 

Beats are just a fashion accessory. Come to think of it I never have seen anyone actually listen with them. I usually just see them around a persons neck. 

Go to a store and try out different sets for yourself. Best Buy, a store I like actually as crazy as that sounds, has has many different sets you can try. Often times with your own music source. Pick the ones that sound the best and are the most comfortable for you. 

To debunk this shit once and for all.

No respectable artist is going to use Beats or DNA's in a studio setting.

What artists and producers need in a studio is a pair of headphones that DOES NOT COLOR(change) THE SOUND, which the beats DO(Bass boost and louder treble).

I recently got myself a pair of BeyerDynamics DT770 Pro 80 Ohms edition, which gives a very flat response(meaning they sound exactly like the way its supposed to sound).


I got skullcandy hesh, doesn't look nearly* as good as chrome beats, at all, but they sound good


what's better? dog poop or cat poop?

Beyerdynamics are great

Yes I own the V-Moda m100 set and they are awesome, I got some dt-990 because I like the open back for some things. 

I will also vouch for V-MODA, they sound good and they are built like a tank. What's not to love?

well, their not chrome... or Beats, and I've never heard of them


No shit,, how hard is it to google V Moda? 

Get some Audio Technicas or Sennheiser. You can find some really good sets for under $200 no problem. I like the AKG K267 for portable use. They have awesome noise cancellation and sounds are good all around. Though it is a bit heavy on the bass. 

We suggested this to him 2 days ago in his first thread about beats headphones. Pretty sure this guy is either a troll or a beats rep trying to do advertising :\

I actually paid for a pair of Monster NTunes, and they sound really nice. The bass isnt too bassy, it has a nice, rich sound. 

Monster Did/does own Beats, the beats headphones are just branded with a 'b' that adds $75 to the price tag. 

The more expensive Beats/monster headphones ($200) are just markups, and sound worse than similar priced other headsets. If I had more than $120 left when I went to buy headphones, I would have gotten something completely different. Or ordered online. (Went to walmart)