Which is better Steelseries Siberia V2 or Razer Kraken Pro

Hi guys, I would like some help choosing between this two headset. I would like some opinion on their audio quality and build quality. Please, if you want suggest me other stuff make sure it is the same price range between this two.

Hmmm well the Steel Series has 50mm Drivers and Kraken Pros have 40mm Drivers and the Steel Series has a wider frequency response ,so Im thinking audio quality will be better. 

The Krakens look more comfortable and better built, but then again Razer have a bad rep for build quality so you never know. I will say that I have a couple Razer products including a headset that Ive had for 3 years now with no problems, and I've heard that their customer service is good from a friend of mine. I much prefer the design of the Krakens though i must say, the black ones that is.

Steel Series is known for their build quality though, I know people who've had one of their keyboards forever beaten to hell and still works. Seems Steel Series spent the money on the actual speakers rather than the fancy leather around the headband.


i dont mean to tell you that you are wrong, but the steelseries siberia v2 is the most comforfable headset ever. It feels like there isnt anything on your head at all. It may not look like it in the picture but trust me it feels awsome. I cant say anything about the sound quality of it because i had only tried it at my friends house at a LAN, but it was the most comfortable thing I had ever put on my head.