Which is better out of these and whyyy?

building my first gaming pc.need to decide quick . also should I go for 16gb ram? Got a titan gpu already










I say none of them and just get the parts from newegg or amazon and save money and get what you want.

so your saying get the parts seperatley. well that works out at about the same or more.ps im from uk and id be looking at the uk version of the sites

I would recommend you not to buy a bundle because some part are good and some are not so good. 4770 k and a MSI or  an Asus motherboard are ok, then the parts don't get so good: like the cooler and the RAM I would recommend you to buy a Noctua CPU cooler because they are the best CPU aircoolers on the market in heat dissipation and low noise.  Which Noctua Cooler you choose is up to you but read the RAM compatibility list on the noctua page first because of the height issue for bigger cpu coolers. For the RAM You should buy quality RAM like a DDR3 1600 Kingston HyperX Beast or normal HyperX, go with the normal HyperX if you choose to go with a Noctua NH D14 (don't get the NH D14 2011 because only the mounting kit for socket 2011 is included). These mentioned parts are normally reliable but you will have to spend some more money. If you intend to overclock your Cpu, as far as I know are the Asus Motherboards a good choice, although I am a Gigabyte fanboy, I have to admit it.

If you are looking for places to buy near you a guy with the username Proximon on Tom's Hardware made a list of stores you can buy from all over the world.


Usually though, I think Overclock.co.uk, Aria.co.uk and Pixmania.co.uk(which i have used the french version of and is great.) Also Amazon and Ebay are good for buying parts.

If you tell us your budget and what you will be using it for, we can help you make a rig that fits you perfectly.


Do not get an intel "k" CPU or Asus "Z-chipset" motherboard unless you're not going to want to play future games on it.


I don't even know if the Titan will be compatible with the new direct access system from RedHat for nVidia cards, but if there is one existing nVidia card that might work with it, it's the Titan, because of the large and fast memory.

So you'll want IOMMU on your system. Not only for that, but also because hardware virtualization is the single most important feature that any new system needs, it's the starting point of almost every performance and safety technology that comes out.

So use a "non-k" Intel CPU and a IOMMU (VT-d) compatible motherboard (AsRock, Gigabyte, MSI all carry IOMMU compatible mobos, check the motherboard on the kvm-compatible list on the internet). Asus uses a PCIe controller for it's Z-chipset boards that can't handle address translations, and therefore blocks IOMMU, and that's not the only problem, the PCIe controller Asus uses on those boards also causes a 10-30% drop in framerate because it bottlenecks, and that's without virtualization or low level access functions, just in current games. An Asus B75 chipset board for instance will perform up to 30% better in game framerate than an Asus Z77/Z87 board.

If you want ultimate performance, go for a socket 2011 system. If you want budget performance, go with an AMD FX6350 or FX8350 system, or a Haswell on a B/H-chipset board that supports IOMMU. There is no data yet on whether AMD Mantle will work on non-IOMMU Intel systems, but it makes sense to expect low level routines on the GPU to have to access the system memory directly, and for that you need IOMMU, because a routine running on the GPU will address its data one way, and the system CPU will address it another way, and there needs to be a translation in order to avoid confusion, and that's what IOMMU mainly does.

ok mate cheers will appreciate that because I don't want to do that again which I did before a few months back (buy an old xeon workstation again for gaming and spend loads of money on it  now I cant sell it inc buying a gtx titan :(((((  )



so....my max budget  is 600 pounds! I know its not much but I can upgrade later on buy buying additional stuff for it when I get the funds.





I don't know what OIUMMO il take your word for it and look for that motherboard.I did read the links in your post but JUst cant get my head around it.


I want my cpu overclocked and ive never overclocked my cpu so with the bundles people can overclock it.,K means overclocking right. So I like K??


I found this but its a damn i5 which is slow compared to i7 4770k


Well overclocking an Intel i7 4770k isn't very hard, you can look on youtube, how to do it.

That's how I overclocked my friends 4770k.

For your budget 600 Pounds should be OK to get decent CPU RAM Mobo and cooler.


For example Mobo: Gigabyte z87x ud3h ~ 132 pounds, the ud5h costs ~165 pounds,

CPU i7 4770k ~237 pounds

4x4GB Sticks Kingston HyperX 1600Mhz CL 9 ~109 pounds

Noctua NH D14 ~ 65 pounds


Overclocking shouldn't be big of a deal. -> youtube


if you wanne have a decent upgrade set, with good overclockability..

here ya go: http://uk.pcpartpicker.com/p/1dx1r

if you prefer color matched ram: http://uk.pcpartpicker.com/p/1JAdf

you can offcourse get all thease parts by just one seller like scan uk or amazon

grtz Angel ☺

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wow thanks guys guess I can try to overclock it myself

now which out of the  two motherboard should I get

Gigabyte z87x ud3h

MSI Z87 MPOWER ATX LGA1150 Motherboard


ps I will run two titan in sli in the future though!

lol the Msi Mpower is a way better mobo then the Gigabyte ud3h. ☺ for overclocking. the ud3h are budget boards, the Mpower is going to semi highend.


ok  msi is it..GREAT


ok the amazon g.skill ram is not available till end of December.

and how about this for memory


well the ram is ok but the problem with that ram in particular is that its high profile. that means there is a large heat spreader on the ram it self, you will run into issues wenn you wanne install large cpu coolers, because they will cover the ram slots. especialy big coolers like the Phanteks PH-TC14PE or the Noctua N14D. so i would not recommend to buy that ram. also allways buy 2 sticks of ram, if you prfer 16 gb of ram no problem you can buy 2x8 G-skill snipers 1866mhz that fits the budget.

ok so im nearly done ..im assuming MSI Z87 MPOWER ATX LGA1150 Motherboard can run two gtx titan in sli yes?

what is the difference between this one MSI Z87 MPOWER Max ATX LGA1150 Motherboard ? It says MAX on it

can you find me a  ram sticks which have low profile and that will work with the cpu fan >Phanteks PH-TC14PE_BK 78.1 CFM CPU Cooler

I have never seen this make phanteks before is it good? and how about the ram avexir is that a make?


many thanks

will the gtx titan fit onto MSI Z87 MPOWER ATX LGA1150 Motherboard due to its size its quite large gpu.?

is this fan any good?



or this too


2 titans sli should fit.

the Phanteks PH-TC14PE is one of the best air coolers to get.

That cpu cooler you posted i dont know it, but it looks very cool in my opinnion ☺120 mm fans will give you more space for rams offcourse. but the cool performance will be less then on the 2x 140 mm fans. on the phanteks. also a good choice for an aircooler will be the Xigmatek Darknight Hawk II. but for extreme overclockings i would recommend something like the phanteks. but its realy huge

Those G-skill snipers or G-skill ares ram´s, are totaly fine.