Which i7 CPU for streaming/gaming?

so I have a budget of $850 (Gaming/Streaming 720p 60fps hopefully), . Currently These are the CPUs im looking at:

Intel Core i7-6700K 4.0GHz LGA 1151 for $309
Intel Core i7-4790K 4.0GHz LGA 1150 Boxed Processor for $289
Intel Core i7-4790 3.6 GHz 1150 Boxed Processor for $249
Intel Core i7-6700 for $279 (this will probably go out of stock soon)
Im gonna pair it up with hopefully a rx480 (which i can get for around 199)

I can up my build to 1000, but Id rather not.
which of these cpus will get the job done to stream new titles at 720p and close to 60fps?
my internet download and upload is pretty good so that is not an issue.
Please help me pick one considering my budget and price to performance ratio.
Thank you in advance.

also if you can make a full build with your recommendation id be happy!
thank you in advance

i7 5820K - 370$. Will be better than all of those...
Otherwise if you plan on OC - it doesn't matter. Get the cheapest K processor and OC the hell out of it.


I like the 2nd option you gave @sov23.

the 6700 will turbo to 4 and you can set it to 4 and leave it there in the uefi.

The 4790K looks like the best option of the bunch. Last gen CPU but totally capable to do streaming and gaming.

I have the 6700k love it. does everything but the dishes

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I would do a cheap X99 build. Get a 5820k or similar processor (check the used market, I got a 5930k, mobo, ram for $880 CAD which is about $650 USD

the Haswell-E chips also OC very easily, just set voltage to 1.3, and multiplier to 4.5 and you should be stable, if not, bump it down to 4.4 and 99% chance you will be stable.

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So I have a question are you looking to do any video editing also and if so what software are you planning to use, while the 4790k or 6700k are good chips and the 5820k or 5930k are also worth looking at the reality is what software you plan on using is going to affect the usefulness and value of some of the setups with those different chips.

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any i7 from Ivy bridge to present will do.

All the LGA115x i7s will be in the same league as each other, get a K if you want to oc.
If you want to stream using cpu encoding an LGA2011 i7 would be a better choice due to the extra 2 cores minimum depending on what one you get, 5820k/6800k are 6C/12T.

I don't think i will be doing video editing. I will most likely be using OBS to stream. I will be recording music from time to time (that part I cant do on my shitty laptop using a audio interface, so it wouldnt be a problem) Obviously ill be playing games on stream while streaming them on twitch and using skype. my main concern was with price to performance. the highest im willing to go is 310 on a cpu( thats why i only included up to 6700k) after all i do have a budget. . My main thing was price to performance. is it worth spending extra cash when you are on a budget for that 6700k...how much of a difference will it really make from a 6700. reading some of the comments im kind of convinced out of the 4xxx i7 cpus. Also I was probably not going to overclock.

I mean if you are going to buy new then you should get a 6700 if you are not going to overclock but a 4790 would be more than capable enough for what you are looking to do also.

The advantage of the 6700 is that it has a few more instruction sets and supports all the new connectivity standards like thunderbolt 3 and ddr4 ram but the performance difference between it and a 47xx is not going to something you would notice unless you go looking for it.

yeah what you are doing the i7 will be perfect. If you dont want to build it right away I would wait until Zen releases. If its as good as they say intel will start slashing prices and most of the time amd wins when it comes to price to performance.

I am an AMD fan boy but I run the i7 6700k =)

Actually microcenter is 320 usd for a 5820k. Beats the 6700k out of the water in terms of core performance wiith 15mb of cache http://www.microcenter.com/product/437203/Core_i7-5820k_33_GHz_LGA_2011-V3_Boxed_Processor..

Updated: I forgot to mention you get 30 dollars off any motherboard with the purchase of an intel cpu with it. So I built a 5820k build just about two weeks ago and got a 170 dollar motherboard with it.

Heres the motherboard I got. http://www.microcenter.com/search/search_results.aspx?Ntt=extreme4+x99 If your not planning on overclocking much go with the extreme4. If your planning on overclocking go for a higher priced motherboard. I am overclocked to 4ghz on this and it works beautifully. The bad review is for someone who couldnt overclock over 4ghz.


what do yall think of this build?

SSD - AData SP550 - $39
Hitachi Ultrastar 2TB HDD - $44.99
I7 K cpu on H motherboard... No need to spend money on K part on this motherboard.
Case is crap...
There you go :)

any recommendations on case? give idc care about looks. only functionality


Z3 Plus:

Z3 Plus is larger, have more fans, allowing it to breath better, GPU support bracket, fan controller...

thank you man. amazing. very much appreciated!

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Thats the updated build