Which headphone should i choose?

Lately i was looking for a new pair of headphones and i come up with those two:
-Beyerdynamics custom one pro plus
-Brainwvaz HM5
I don,t know which to pick, can somebody help me?
i would use them for gaming (mainly CS:GO) and listening to music .

I mostly care about comfort and sound quality

Those beyerdynamics look pretty solid. I had a different model, with same general ear cup design, and they were hot (temp). The sound quality was very isolated, and warm sounding, but they were like sweaty hot.

I would say for gaming, I would prefer a more transparent sound over like warm, analog sound. I moved over to sennheiser, and think the sound tends to have a bit more sensitivity than the beyers or even those $100 sony's everyone used for 100 years. If you're budget is that high, I would consider finding a place that allows you to return, or listen in store. Weight and fit are usually my biggest gripes.

Thanks for help.
But i won,t be looking around any other headphones ,because they suit me the most out of other headphone in this price range , and i don't have that many stores around me with headphones (even if there will be one,they will only let's us try out the beats) so i rely on others people opinions.

About your old beyers think you were using the custom studios and they are indeed really closed , and that hot earcup problem can be easy fixed by replacing the earcup with for example earcups form DT770.
But thank you for your help ,because i was waiting pretty long for an answer.

EDIT:I just have checked amazon for priceing (i live in poland ,so no amazon) and they are 200$! I can buy them for around 140$ not used,i am suprised.

Yeah I had the DT 770 pros.
They were pretty good quality. I believe the headphone jack was molded, and it broke. And I saw too lazy to solder, or could find something, so I ended up throwing them away :(
Otherwise impressive build quality. I seem to remember the top band kind of got some weird wear, but it looks like they've reworked the material in the last 4 or 5 years.

Yeah, they were hot. To wear.
But the warm analog sound is rich... Not too heavy or fat, so it's clean for editing. But I distinctly remember these thing were like really warm sounding. and hot to wear.