Which header to use for Arctic Liquid Freezer II?

Arctic LF II has fan cables routed through the AIO tube braiding and so as a result its just 1 header for all PWM fans and the pump.
The fans included are PWM p12s.

So should I connect to CPU_FAN header and control fan speed with PWM and will doing that affect Pump speed? Will that affect Pump lifespan?
Should I connect to CPU_PUMP header and use it at 100% all time ? Since fan noise is a non issue personally.

Pump connection to CPU_PUMP [Header regulates pump to fixed %s, like 50 or 100]
Fan daisy-chain to the CPU_FAN

The pump speed will regulate together with the fans, you can use any PWM controlled header, there won’t be effect on the pump lifespan.

The total power consumption is also below 1A (well below actually), so really, any fan header will do.

For info, the reported speed is the one of the first fan on radiator.

100% all the time makes the pump die faster

So I would set a pwm curve, an aggressive one

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