Which gtx670?

EVGA GeForce GTX 670 FTW


MSI GeForce GTX 670 Power Edition OC 


Gainward GeForce GTX 670 Phantom

Which one would you recommend/pick and why?

Thank you for your opinion.     :)

EVGA, only because i have no idea about the quality of the other ones...

sorry thats the best i could do

Msi cards are great! but they are the best if they are Twin Frozr.


Evga ftw all the way

this one is actually twin frozr III

Galaxy makes some really good cards as well.  The reviews are this one are very solid, and it seems to run cooler and quieter than the other cards.  Galaxy doesn't release many cards, but the ones they do release always seem to be top notch.


EVGA and MSI are both great choices but I think for overclocking the MSI would do a better job since it has a 'aftermarket' cooler (Twin Frozr III)

msi it will run way cooler the the evga.

I personally own the GTX 670 FTW and it is a great card as it uses a stock gtx 680 cooler and PCB layout. The card overall stays cool and overclocks decently (luck of the draw on boost clocks as each gpu is different). I would recommend this one out of the three options you have provided and it will play most games at 1080P resolution with ease.

I would reccomend the MSI card because of the nice cooling.And you can always overclock if want a bit more performance out of your card.

Have you had a look into an Asus Direct CUII Card, I swear by them. They're great!