Which Gtx 770 is the best?

I have been thinking of getting a GTX 770 but with so many manufacturers, i dont know which is the best in performance, best in price/performance and which is the quietest and the coolest?  

Best in performance? Irrelevant if you plan on OCing; they're the same exact GPU.

Best price to performance - look up all the 770's, sort by price in ascending order, first result.

Quietest and coolest? really varies depending on cooler and fan profiles.

Personally, I got snagged an EVGA 760 ACX SC - highly praised cooler, Superclocked, which is a higher tier of EVGA's overclocking, and the price (after rebate) is the same as most 760's. Granted the 770 playing field might be a little different, but it's difficult to go wrong with EVGA, ASUS,