Which Graphics card should i choose?

Hello forums, i've been watching the latest reviews from tek about the Radeon 7970 and HIS Radeon 7870 ICEq but i'm not sure which one i should get, I currently have a Galaxy Gt 520 graphics card and wanting to upgrade on a new graphics card but i don't know which one i would like to choose either from. Do you think these are good gpu's to run on @ 23 inch 1920x1080 res? please give me you're thoughts on what i should get. Thanks.

Are you looking to max games out or just play them?

Both but, mostly I want to max games out while having good fps.

I have a 6970 and max my games out at 1080 either GPU should do the trick, to be sure see if you can find some benchmarks comparing the 6970 to the new 7000 GPUs

Well, from what I've seen, the 7870 is slightly slower than the GTX 580. I have two GTX 580s in SLI (3GB editions and overclocked) and I can max out most games with just one of them. You might want a little more horsepower for more demanding games though. I always suggest the most powerful card that's within your budget, so I would suggest the 7970. You should be able to max out most games with the 7870, but you might have some frame rate issues with games like Metro 2033, Battlefield 3, and Guild Wars 2.

My 7950 gets 50 - 80 fps on BF3 maxed out at 1080p if that helps. Metro 2033 also plays like butter. I just got the card like a week ago, I spent about 2 weeks debating between it and the 660ti and finally settled on the 7950

Lol I'm still debating what I want to go ,I want to make sure I'm getting my money's worth from the gpu :/


Either is fine. I have been playing Battlefield 3 completly maxed out, no problems using an HIS 7850.

HIS cooling has been great for me though. 7850 ice q, and 4670 ice qbefore that.

This might help you choose:


  • Are these the stats of them being over clocked or just stock?

stock, they show the cards clocks in the big blue/black boxes