Which Graphic Card is the best for me?

Hello all,

I'm new and I hope you guys can help me finding "The One" for me.

Since February I'm building up my new PC and the only thing what's missing is the right Graphic Card.

Atm i'm running the MSI Radeon R9 270X 2GDDR5 Gaming and payed 180 bucks for it. This is a very good Card for this Money but i want more. :P

I want to play newer Games like BF4, Assassins Creed etc. without any bigger Problems. No need to use editing tools like Photoshop or Sony Vegas etc.


Here are my other Components:

ASRock 970 Extreme4

AMD FX-8350 Octa-Core @ 4Ghz

G.Skill Sniper 8GB RAM @ 1866 Mhz (1600 Mhz by MOBO)

(Need more necessary infos?)


I am able to pay 250-400 bucks for the Graphic Card.


Hope you can tell me your thoughts about it.

Thank you in advance.

Didn't get much of a performance boost after OCing the GPU,huh?

Where are you from? Perhaps you could post some local prices of some cards so we can help better.

I'd say go with the nvidia 770 but that's under the assumption you're in the USA.


+1 The 770 is the best in that range, unless you can find a 280x for a decent price (ie what it should be at around $330).

thanks for the quick answers :)

I'm from germany. 

I was already thinking about the R9 280X but wasn't sure about the it's real power. Can you tell me more about it ?

Isn't it "bad" or "less efficient" when i'm using a GeForce instead of an ATI with an AMD Core?

Price Examples:







R9 280X:






Thanks guys.

There is no difference in gpu performance if you are using AMD CPU and AMD GPU or AMD CPU and nVidia GPU.

My opinion is that since you live in europe where the prices haven't jumped sky high on amd get the 280X over the 770. They perform very simularly, but the R9 280X has 1 gig bigger frame buffer

Agreed.. +1.

I've liked the Asus coolers so i'm going to recommend that. But it's your call on that.

Asus 770 Would be great.

Great. Then i will go for the 280X. 

AMD ia my Favo atm. :)

Thank you guys ! 

You helped me a lot.

Well. In the end I reselled the 280x and got me a inno3D GTX 770 and also an i7 4770. Never had Problems with that so far.

Thanks to you anyways :)