Which Gpu to get for creative programs/editing programs and gaming in one GPU?

I been saving cash to get the next prat on list which will be one GPU or (vedio card) Should be be around $200.00 price ranged or higher?

I been Thing mostly GTX 960 , GTX 970 , R9 360 , Fury X nano , and Fury X

If you need a workstation card you get a workstation card, otherwise the 380/390 is going to about be your best bet


SO I have get one gaming card and one work station card.

What kind of software are you running? If you're doing lots of professional work, you should probably get a workstation card for CAD and 3D modeling

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Even still the 960 is fine for autocad. It's not fantastic or anything, but it'll do the job.

I like nvidia cards for the cuda cores . Adobe programs like premiere and after effects leverage those with their mercury playback engine. Gtx960 would be the best that is close to your budget

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manly adobe software.

Well then you really don't need to worry about that, You'll probably want a 380 since it'll be a bit better for gaming than a 960

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any 9xx series card will do. If you want NVENC support then got to the PP forums. If you want DPFP the get a cheaper Quadro card. They have all the support needed for professional users.

I would suggest using the List of Supported graphics cards that Adobe listed, you get a certain amount of diminishing returns once you start using things off the lists.

Premiere Pro

After Effects

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If you need a gpu for video rendering in Adobe and stuff, then by all means get an Nvidia card.
Nvidia cuda render engine is still better supported then open cl in adobe.

Unless you use Sony Vegas, then i would recommend AMD.
Because Sony Vegas is open cl based.

OpenCL is slowley starting to get there aswell, but atm, Cuda is still better for Adobe after effects.

It doesn't seem like most rendering programs get much out of having a huge powerhouse of a graphics card.
Seems like the CPU matters more than anything else.

But yeah, the choice between Nvidia or AMD is going to be mostly down to what programs you use.
Some programs play nicer with Nvidia and some with AMD.

It's so funny how the R9 2xx series cards are all supported but the GTX9xx are not. The AMD cards do deliver better compute performance...

THe GTX970 / GTX980 (Ti) series are totaly supported in adobe after effects.
Cuda rendering performs also way better in after effects then open cl / gl.

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No, not officially. There are statements from Adobe reps to back that up in their forums. Some to which I was copied on in those threads way back when...

From Dealing with Adobe since 2008 professionally while I have no doubt that the CUDA cores are fully utilized as that is a standardized component of Nvidia graphics cards at this point it is more an issue of Adobe may not be using ram on the card properly or other similar issues.

Well i know a couple of people who use GTX980Ti´s in adobe after effects and premiere, and it seems to work great.
Also allot of people use Titan X cards, which are basicly the same as a GTX980Ti,
with more enabled cuda cores, and double the amount of vram.

Also that Adobe may not utilize GDDR5 properly, sounds a bit weird to me.
Could you provide more indept information on that?
Because that would be interesting.

Of course i do understand that GTX900 series cards are gaming cards,
and not workstation cards like Quadro´s or Tesla´s.

If your GPU is over 1 GB VRAM, it is not officially certified, but should work fine.

NVENC support

So the first thing I am going to say is that I did not say 980's and 980ti's would not work with Adobe Premiere or After Effects only that you would see diminished returns on what they can do.

to fully utilize a graphics card for rendering you have to make sure your rendering software is optimized to fully use the ram along with the processor, if the software is not setup to have optimizations for the newer cards then you won't get the full performance of the card. This is a build for someone looking to use the system for After Effects and Premier first and gaming second so running a supported Graphics card means you get the best bang for your buck in terms of added rendering potential rather than picking a 900 series card and hoping that it gets rendering optimization support from adobe in the future.