Which GPU should I get?

To briefly explain the scenario, I'm stuck deciding whether it would be best to go with the EVGA 980 ti or the R9 Fury (X?) for 1440p Fallout 4/other games. I don't think I could fit a 1440p G-sync monitor into my budget, so if I went with the 980 ti, I'd have to use v-sync. On the other hand, if I went with the Fury, I'd get lower frame rates, but have freesync simply from the GPU, right? Basically, the question is: 980ti and V-sync (no g-sync) or Fury (with freesync)? Thanks!

Non X Fury with a free-sync display

Even though the 980ti is going to get higher fps, having smoother game play overall I'd say is going to be better, and the Fury is going to perform well at 1440p anyways.

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What's the price ballpark for 1440p freesync monitors?

Go fury X for longevity.. hmm 1440p monitors?



At $250 you have
1080p 144hz TN
21:9 1080p 60hz IPS

Then it jumps to like $450 for a 1440p 144hz TN display

and for 50 more there's a 4k IPS display available

I've no idea why no one has put out just a normal 1440p IPS free-sync display

Fury nonX seems to be the better deal to me. FreeSync will make it feel smother.

That... I hope more people realize that... With the Crimson drivers and slight overclock you get really really good performance per dollar and with free-sync you get as smooth gameplay as possible. Basically having freesync and Fury at those prices makes the 980Ti and TitanX really tough sell IMHO... But hey...


as you can tell the furyx and 980ti are close enough that smooth game-play would be more important than fps, this is also before sapphire unlocked voltage control and ram control on the fury cards. Also this is before crimson so the difference would be even less now.

Actually Techpowerup have really nice graphics for this... One of the main reasons I still use this stupid website. They still claim that 4GB of Vram does not affect anything and 8GB of Vram was a minus in 300 series GPUs.... But the graphs are nice...

Unfortunately Catalyst 15.9.1 Beta, but that just means Crimson will improve the performance... So yeah...

I would say fury with a freesync display. Better bang for your buck since Gsync is way over priced

i would go with a 980Ti.
its simply the better card overall, and next to that Fallout 4 is an Nvidia gameworks title.