Which GPU should I get?

I'm going to be playing Arma 2, Arma 3, and DayZ majority of the time on my PC.

Would I get better performance from a GTX 760 or should I get an HD 7950?

I've heard having an Nvidia card is better for Arma rather a Radeon card due to Nvidias PhysX. But I've also heard the opposite- that having PhysX doesn't matter. Plus I never really see people playing Arma with Radeon cards, but I'm probably wrong about that. :P 

I will also be playing games like Battlefield 4, Minecraft, Red Orchestra 2, and War Thunder.

I'm aware that Battlefield will play better on Radeon cards since AMD is working with DICE and EA.

I don't really know to much about the new Radeon cards as well. Should I wait?



Definitely wait for the new cards since they are coming out in a week or 10 days max. And physx doesn't really matter, it's a marketing gimmick that is hardly noticeable. 

I would wait, its just a few days away until the new amd cards are released. Either way the prices will tumble of both the 760 and 7950.

That's what I'm looking forward to!

I'd say if your going to be playing Arma more, get the 760. Maybe after the new AMD cards release, the 770 might be cheaper as well. If not still get the 760. EVGA's model would be the best along with the MSI Twin Frozr.

I'm building a gaming PC for the same thing- to play Arma and DayZ. 

Your loot will soon be mine ;P


persosonaly id wait for the new amd lineup to come out and get a 7970 , you can play anything at ultra at 1080 with that card, almost every game for 1440 too

I don't think I'll be able to afford a 1440p monitor any time soon :P

I'll wait to see how the prices drop on the 7900 series and the 700 series. If the GTX 770 becomes available in my budget ($800), I'm getting it. But I'm not getting my hopes up.

Get a 7950, more for your money, The new cards (R9 280x) will be minimally faster but the price of a 7950 will be cheaper.

It does not matter what side you go with because ARMA does its phyx calculations on the CPU regardless of what kind of GPU you have and there is no way to change this.  If you really want to play arma at good fps look up guides for setting you video settings and also make sure that your CPU and ram are fast because in arma it counts as much as your GPU.

He said Battlefield 4 so that is why I said go AMD. I don't really have any knowledge on the ARMA games.