Which GPU Should I get ATM

Hey guys I could use some help making a decision, right now I've got a few options.

- XFX 7950 for 200 euros

- MSI GTX 760 (with ac4) 220 euros

- Gigabyte/MSI/Sapphire r9 270 (with BF4) 180 euros

So I value BF4 more then AC4 as far as games go but I think apart from the games the 7950 would be the best option since you can get allot of extra performance out of it once you overclock it. I'm upgrading from a 7770 and I want something that will do me for a long time (don't want to upgrade again soon). Please reply to help me and maybe give some good arguments why I should pick one over the other one.

if u think your guna play the crap out of bf4 then id say get the r9 270 but from a performance stand point the 7950 is the best. And you can always make a bit back mining for litecoin if youd like.