Which gpu should a get

Was looking into getting a new gpu soon and was wondering which 270x i should get i want to be able to play most games on max with visual mods as well at 1080p. also would like to be able to over clock as well



Throwing mods at future games could easily reach the 2GB graphics memory limit, as you can already with the two years old Skyrim. While I see that Sapphire has a 4GB 270X coming out, there are many HD7950 cards with 3GB on sale for about the same. Those could also be a better buy due to the slightly faster chip, and they can certainly be overclocked too.

Another alternative could be a 4GB model of the GTX 760 series, but they do cost a fair bit more.

3gb 7950 works good for me, I would recommend it

another vote for the 7950. 

R9 270X is rebranded and ramped up 7870 gHz edition. 7950 has always been better than 7870 gHz. Another vote for 7950. Plus you get the 3gB for future games ; )