Which gaming mouse

Hey guys

need your help and recommendations, im in the market for a new gaming mouse but i dont know what to look for, i want to get a palming mouse that has ample programmable buttons in convenient places and has a good dpi sensor, (5000+) i want something that wont break the bank but wont fall apart after a year.

i was looking at the corsair m65 in maplin electronics recently and i thought that it would be the perfect mouse but i feel that its just a bit to small for my hands so i want something as stylish and functional but at a reasonable price. a mmo mouse might be a good option either as im using a ibm m series keyboard and the number keys stretch quiet far away which means to use the hot bar you have to lift your hand away from wasd.

also, i HAVE to buy this for amazon.co.uk nowhere else, thats all i can do.

any help is appreciated and thanks


yours faithfully


Andrew White

and has a good dpi sensor, (5000+)

There's no correlation with sensor DPI and sensor being good. If your in-game sensitivity is more than ~1800 DPI, you are doing something wrong, namely using a sensitivity at which your hand can't be accurate enough. 

Also, ironically, pretty much all sensors with 4000+ DPI values are laser. And laser sensors are inferior to optical ones in terms of precision. 

Get a Logitech G400(s) if it has enough buttons for you. 

If not get a G600. It's just great to have that many buttons on your mouse! (if you rethink your everyday-patterns and assign the right shortcuts)