Which gaming build is better?

I have three different options for a gaming rig.  also i want to do some light overclocking and some good gaming.  I do not want to go over the price of $600 and please try to make the price as cheap as possible.  Here are my three choices...




if you have any suggestions to make it better PLEASE COMMENT THEM BELOW. - thanks


The 3rd one. 

#2, but a 600-650w psu form xfx, seasonic, corsair, or ocz. better future upgradability.

or, #3, same deal with the psu, and also get faster ram.


in any case, $65 for a 700w psu is pretty sketchy....

Thanks guys

The third one is much better but as stated above that PSU looks a little dodgey.

80 plus bronze for all psu's don't worry about it.

This is an very old topic, i lock it for now, i suppose topic starter has allready his build togheter.

greatz Angel ☺